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A community for Victoria fans, by Victoria fans.

Hello, and welcome to oh_fiddle, a community dedicated to the ever amazing Victoria Waterfield, who travelled with the Second Doctor and Jamie from 1967 to 1968.
Here, you can discuss anything related to her, from fics to icons, from character analysis to picspams... Anything is welcome!

There are some rules you must follow, though:

  • First of all, be civil. Please, no flaming, and no insulting. Discussions are welcome, especially since we all have different opinions (the world would be very boring without them), but there's no need to become violent. Anybody who breaks this rule risks getting banned from the community.

  • As I said above, fanfics and icons (and any other type of graphics) are welcome and appreciated.

  • If you're posting material with adult content, please put it under an LJ cut (or provide a link) and add a content warning. LJ-cuts are also appreciated when there's more than three icons.

  • Try and keep things on-topic. Posts should be related to our Ms. Waterfield and/or to the lovely Deborah Watling.

  • Any questions? Just drop a PM to the mod. We promise she won't bite.

  • Last, but not least... have fun!

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