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The Victoria Waterfield Appreciation Society

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Evil of the Daleks - Episode 5 discussion post
Time Lady
nentari wrote in oh_fiddle

Questions and topics for possible discussion:

What do you think of...
  • Jamie and Victoria's first encounter

  • Maxtible's hypnotic powers

  • The argument between Jamie and the Doctor

  • Rules/Guidelines:
  • When starting a new comment thread, use a subject line. This will make certain discussion topics easier to find.

  • Feel free to disagree, debate, or say why you dislike a certain scene/character/etc. That said, bashing will not be tolerated. My co-mod has a very sharp mod stick and she's not afraid to use it, so watch it.

  • All topics of discussion are fair game, as long as they have to do with Victoria and/or the episode at hand.

  • Above all, have fun!

  • Next episode: Thursday, June 11th