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The Victoria Waterfield Appreciation Society

50th Anniversary Fanwork-a-thon-a-thon, Round Ten: Two/ The TARDIS
50th Anniversary Fanwork-a-thon-a-thon, Round Ten: Two

(Secondary prompt: The TARDIS)

The Three-themed Round Nine is still in motion, but as we hurtle into the final stages of who_at_50's series of monthly fanwork-a-thons and the 50th anniversary comes ever closer, there's not a moment to waste in getting on with the next leg. This month's Doctor is Two, the clownish cosmic hobo with some serious hidden depths; the Doctor's first turn at being a classic trickster figure, with all that that implies. And also with some of the most iconic companions in the original series' run, including the one and only Jamie. And our secondary theme this time round is based around the most important character in the programme's history never to get a line of dialogue (until Neil Gaiman came along, that is); that's right, the TARDIS. I don't think our 'thon would be a true reflection of the series' half-century if we didn't find room for some blue box love. If Doctor Who fanwork is your thing, at all, I urge you once again to take the time to look at the signup posts on the comm and, if you want to, express your interest in taking part:

The Livejournal Version

The Dreamwidth Version

Remember - all fanworks of whatever form are more than welcome!

Unwhosual - a prompt fic comm
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unwhosual is a prompt comm for Doctor Who
intending to cover ships, spin-offs and crossovers
typically glossed over, that the fandom at large has
moved on from, or which nobody has thought to do
before. Membership is open and posting unmoderated,
and you can prompt as many ideas as you like,
and you can fill as many prompts as you like.

Fic: Concentration

I'm writing various bits and pieces for the Twelve Prompts of Christmas over at dw_straybunnies. This one turned out to be Victoria-centric, so I thought I'd post it here.

Title: Concentration
Author: john_amend_all
Characters: Victoria, OC
Rating: All ages
Prompt: #2, "Vampire fic".
Word count: ~2020
Disclaimer: Victoria belongs to the BBC.
Author's notes: This is a relatively self-contained scene. One day I hope to write the rest of the story it belongs to.
Summary: Trapped in Düsterenwald Castle, Victoria and Christabel try to make their escape.

At the Teaspoon: [ Concentration ]

Classical Gallifrey
For a few months now, I've been following the Classic Who reviews blog Classical Gallifrey, where once a week Matt and guest reviewer Cassandra talk about a specific serial, analyzing it episode by episode. They express their opinions clearly and interestingly, in a way that makes me appreciate it even when I see things differently from them.

Anyway, the reason why I'm plugging this blog in this community is that they have reviewed a few Victoria-era stories so far, and it pleases me to see they don't show the anti-Victoria bias so often found on such reviews. In fact, they are usually full of praise of her and her role in the stories she was in. I strongly suggest you check out the whole thing (though I warn you that, up until some point, the articles are actually more like recaps of the stories, only becoming proper reviews later on), but if you just wish to check out Victoria's stories, these are:

  • Tomb of the Cybermen

  • The Abominable Snowmen

  • And this week's review, The Ice Warriors

  • Rare Doctor Who Photos Found
    Summer beach path by magic_art
    In the midst of the run-up to the showing tomorrow of The Eleventh Hour, here's some old-school news:


    Over a dozen never before published colour photos from the filming of the 1967 Doctor Who story The Abominable Snowmen have been discovered, and will be featured in the forthcoming limited edition version of Deborah Watling's autobiography 'Daddy's Girl' from Fantom Publishing.....

    Fantom are the same folks who put out Mary Tamm's autobio.

    ::delurks & brings out a rather large picspam with her::
    [firefly] river ; pitter-patter of tiny
    Hello everyone!

    I've been doing a huge (think, every serial & audio that has seen twenty-first century daylight) rewatch of Two's era & having recently finished The War Games, I've posted a picspam of all of Two's companions & naturally, that includes our lovely miss Victoria & of course, our darling Deborah Watling!


    (& also, I highly suggest you read my whole post - there's a little extra tacked on just before the official picspam that some of you may like!)

    Evil of the Daleks - Episode 7 discussion post

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    Evil of the Daleks - Episode 6 discussion post

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    Next episode: Sunday, June 14th

    Evil of the Daleks - Episode 5 discussion post
    Time Lady

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    Next episode: Thursday, June 11th

    Evil of the Daleks - Episode 4 discussion post

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